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October 21st, 2023

Run for Freedom, Refuge, Recovery and Restoration

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You will run for women who once had hopes and dreams for their life, just like you and I, but whose dreams faded into a nightmare when they were forced, tricked and coerced into a life of modern day slavery. They are victims of sex trafficking in Italy and they are trapped in the darkness of the deplorable commercial sex industry.



JULY 15th

Scarpe da corsa


Survivors of human trafficking in Italy now have a place of refuge, restoration, and recovery.
With your help over the last two years the Alba Safe House & Recovery Program has opened its doors. The Alba Safe House is no longer a dream but a reality. “Gloria” arrived in the early summer and a new treasure is scheduled to enter the program in a few more weeks!

We have momentum but we need to keep going.

We are already preparing for a larger facility to meet the tremendous need. Working together we can provide a pathway to true freedom and recovery to hundreds of survivors of human trafficking in the years to come while continuing to serve our current participants who have entered the program.


Collaboration is the key!
This year we envision a collaborative, cross cultural effort across Italy, Europe, and the United States. Participants in this virtual event will run, walk, swim, cycle, together to support the recovery of a survivor in Italy.

Will you join us? 

Alba Run For Recovery is a virtual run and fundraiser to see this vision become a reality. Together we can champion refuge, recovery, restoration, and reintegration for women who have been exploited through sex trafficking in Italy and have nowhere else to run.


Join the 4rd annual Run for Recovery 2023.  

Help make our vision of restoration her reality.

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Help Us! Spread the word about the run and the purpose behind it.

Raising awareness is a vital part of the movement to end modern day slavery and your run can shine a light on that dark reality while providing for the desperate need for a safe house that offers wrap around care to those who survive sexual exploitation.


Share this link with many people as possible.
Together we can make the difference, and if you know anybody who you think would be interested in our Run, invite them on this page. If you know other people who can help spreading the word, please share this page with them.


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If you have any questions please email us!

We'd love to hear from you.

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