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Getting Ready to Run


Run For Recovery 2020

Running to raise funds and awareness for Alba - a place of recovery for victims of sex trafficking in Italy. 

Virtual Run October 17 & 18 

We have chosen this weekend to coincide with

European Anti-trafficking Day (Oct 17) and Freedom Sunday (Oct 18)!


See details below for everything you need to know to register, map your run, raise funds and social share! 


All funds donated to Alba are tax deductible and 100% will go toward the purchase of a safe house for survivors of sex trafficking in Italy. Thank you for being a champion of their recovery with your generous donation.


Click here to register for a 5K, 10K, half marathon or full marathon.


Pay your registration fee to run with us and get your Run for Recovery swag.

Run for Recovery is using PayPal to accept payment for race registration without the hassle of collecting cash or checks. The registration fee covers the cost of your t-shirt and medal. Payments in excess of cost will be allocated to the Alba Safe House and Recovery Program. 

Below are simple steps to make your payment:

  • Create an Account or Log into Existing Account

    • In order to use PayPal you must either already have a PayPal account or create one.  Creating one is quick and easy.  You can do this at or using the PayPal mobile app. If you already have a PayPal account, just log in to your account.

  • Once you have logged into your PayPal account you can send a payment to us using our PayPal-registered email address,

    • Important! Please ensure that you select the friends and family option before making the payment as otherwise the Run for Recovery club will be charged for the payment.

    • The easiest way to pay is with a debit card, but you can also link your bank account directly to PayPal if you use it a lot.

  • Once you have completed the payment process, enter a description of what the payment is for.  This will help us keep track of our registered runners. 



If you are not able to use PayPal or prefer to pay some other way, please contact us at

Map your Run 

Mapping your run is easy! 

We ask our runners to set up an account with Strava if they don’t already have one. It is free and simple.

This will allow runners to record their run and share it to the Strava Club “Run for Recovery”. 

To do so, just log into that app on your phone or online. Our Strava club can be found here:

 Once you have the Strava app downloaded, or you’ve gone to the event online: 

1.   Create a Strava profile 

2.   Join the Run For Recovery event

3.   Record your run on event day using their record feature.

4. Upload your time to the event! 


Invite others to be a part of this exciting opportunity to make a difference in the lives of survivors of trafficking seeking a path to recovery. Download this toolkit with pointers on fundraising and a printable pledge sheet.

SHARE ON Social Media

We want you to spread the word about your run and the purpose behind it. 

Raising awareness is a vital part of the movement to end modern day slavery and

your run can shine a light on that dark reality 

while providing for the desperate need for a safe house

that offers wrap around care to those who survive sexual exploitation.

Post about your team and/or individual training times, fundraising goals, and your final run on the 17th-18th on any of on your favorite social media outlets. Be sure to tag our accounts and use these hashtags:





 (Instagram Alba_RunForRecovery)

(Twitter Alba_RunForRecovery)

(Facebook Alba Run for Recovery)


Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Post about why you are participating in the Run for Recovery

  • Post pictures of you or your team’s training runs

  • Post some compelling info from the Alba website

  • Post a picture of the route you have created

  • Post pictures from the day of your run


We can't wait to see you on social!

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