We offer a long-term recovery program (3 to 7 years) for young women 18 years and older and their children who have been sexually exploited or trafficked. Our unique home-like environment helps participants feel like family and our 3 stages empower them to become increasingly independent. 

  • 1st Stage — Front Line Housing

  • 2nd Stage — Transitional Housing

  • 3rd Stage - Independent Living


The program provides long term housing, recovery and training for women and their children escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

We are grateful for our partnership with The SA Foundation which is an organization that consults organizations like ours with a clear vision and means to provide long term housing, recovery and training programs for women and their children escaping trafficking and sexual exploitation worldwide. They will guide us through this entire endeavor utilizing programs that have historically seen a 70% success rate. 




Our unique curriculum is delivered through facilitators, and an engaged community that is committed to walking through recovery and life together with each participant. 


  • Specific Needs Addressed in Curriculum - Our program model is designed to meet the specific recovery needs of sexually exploited and trafficked youth and women and we are committed to providing trauma informed care. 


  • Specialized Program - Our program delivery is tailored to the needs of the individual with an emphasis on needs for trafficked women including learning language skills, dealing with legal/status concerns, and a variety of recovery issues.


  • Skill Development Recovery Programming

            - Deal with issues related to past abuse

            - Deal with any current addiction issues

            - Learn to engage in healthy relationships

            - Learn to process emotions in a healthy way

            - Improve their quality of life

            - Increase their level of self-esteem

            - Learn to parent in a positive manner, breaking the cycle of abuse in the lives of their children 

            - Increase their level of education

            - Learn employability skills 


  • Parent Support Center - The onsite parent  support center is an important program component as it fosters a healthy mother and child attachment and provides a loving, non-judgmental environment for mothers and children to grow and heal.



Freedom involves more than escaping harm. It means access to education, economic empowerment and the ability to consistently provide for her family. This is true freedom! 

Our Skill Development and Education Program offers each participant a unique training platform, where they develop transferable and practical life skills that set them up for a successful independent life. This is essential for each woman to succeed in seeing her life rewritten. 

How the program shepherds her toward independence:

  • Safe and professional work space cultivated to let her fail and succeed without negative consequences

  • Opportunities given for her to learn new skills with the assurance of financial  security

  • Ongoing assessment of recovery and learning needs

  • Confidence gained and character developed

  • Skills practiced and refined as her desire to learn and improve grows