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Alba exists to provide long term housing, recovery and training programs for women and their children escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Italy. We are relentlessly committed to offering viable solutions to survivors for a way out of the sex industry, an opportunity for profound healing and restoration and a new start in life. 


Our vision is to see the individuals assisted at Alba begin and maintain true personal recovery with the support of an engaged, Christ centered community and comprehensive programming delivered according to their individual needs. Ultimately, we desire to see survivors become thrivers: independent, productive members of society who radiate with true joy and lasting hope in Christ. 


Alba is a project of Alleanza Tesori Raggianti (ATR), a national network of Christian anti-trafficking practitioners and advocates across Italy, that is actively reaching thousands of treasures on the streets each year and eager to assist those ready to escape. 

As a critical part of this national movement across Italy, Alba seeks to serve the ATR network by providing a secure place to take treasures where they can get the specialized wrap-around care they need and the opportunity to rewrite their stories from brokenness to healing, from oppression to restoration, from survivor to thriver. 


 Trust in the Lord 

Everything we do is rooted in a conviction that God is the only One who can truly and fully redeem and restore. Therefore, we trust in Him in every aspect. 

Quality Over Quantity 

While the needs are never-ending, we are committed to providing quality care for those we serve which limits the number of participants we can accommodate but produces a higher rate of success among those who do receive our care. 

Long Term Care 

Recovery is a long term process. The profound and vast effects of past trauma take time to heal. The road to restoration is long and hard so it is critical to provide ongoing support. Therefore we consider it a privilege to walk alongside our participants for up to 7 years. 


Our commitment to anonymity is foundational to protecting the identity, preserving the integrity, and honoring the story of all those who serve and are served at Alba. We strive to share about the impact of our work without using names, faces, identifying features or location information in order to maintain a safe environment at Alba that promotes healing and restoration. 

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